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released April 7, 2012



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Village On Yarn Stockton

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Track Name: Never
I never knew I was tasked with creating
I never knew this was all in the making
Some say I’m foolish for waiting

I never said, said that we could have made it
I don’t know how our goodbyes will be stated
Some say im foolish having waited

I never sought to hide from harm
Both of our worlds inside my arms
Never conceived of pretending
Of being the never-ending one
I never said beyond ourselves
Assuming was better for our health
I never said it before
But I think you need more than help

Often have I gave a thought of proceeding
Leaving my mind and my soul just releasing
Some say I’m foolish for believing
Track Name: Keep Up With Me
Remember the line you said “I have no time for nothing”
I know my reply were words going over your head
I’m still the same, but suddenly nothing is something
Well then try and keep up with me dear. Try and keep up with me

You better pack light; we’re passing the Alps in December
You better pack tight; a slip and you’re over the ledge
It’s not I don’t care but I cannot go back in this weather
So try and keep up with me dear. Try and keep up with me.

Oh, The world of my studio apartment
Too small to hold all of your dreams inside
I could have given the love that you wanted
Didn’t want it.
Track Name: Anybody Listening?
Ice and wheel never had a chance to set their feet
Flesh and steel, a couple we had said should never meet
Red and paint mingle into one consistent shade
It’s hard to say what will become

Called your phone
Hoping I would hear yourself reply
Absent tone
The weather must have downed the power lines
Wood and rain, your heart becomes a boat that drifts away

Is there anybody listening
Your so close yet far away
Is there anybody listening
We were never meant to stay
And throw ourselves away.
Track Name: Make It Right
Driving for days
Calculating all the ways
I blew my cash on careless things I never used
And forced to face
My reddened books
Perhaps the words of saints and crooks
Could give me wisdom which would bring me back to you
But they go blabbering
I was the one who chased
I was the one defaced
Fires for folly wait
Stand by the sulfur gate

Take everything you need
They had it coming to them, their greed and blindness make them think the world revolves around them

Make it right
There’s a chance that it will work next time

Excuse my confidence
But I’ve seen a many man turn from the way they swore and said was true
Rejecting righteousness and more inclined to do the things they swore and said would never do
Fighting infinity
Everyone makes mistakes
Some give and others take
It’s just what I deserve for walking though this earth
Though fellow man forsake
Say Mrs. Melancholy. You may have seen the world but have you aided anybody?

Make it right
Track Name: Shelters
Can you see how we’re made to never end
A state of mind we may never comprehend
Moving constantly to the motion of my melody
Space and time

Some may say that my shelter is a shed
Which holds my home, both my family and bed
To be blown away in a violent storm or hurricane
Say goodbye
Everything will come and go
From the hair upon my head
To the spouse I never knew
Leaving nothing

Yet I know, I know that the world is temporary
And these shelters that I dwell in aren’t my home
And I know, I know that this truth is hard to carry
But my body’s just a shelter for my soul

How we said we would never change our minds
The lives we led, never running out of time
My philosophy like the youth that is my history
So out of line

Hold my hand until the changing of the guard
Hear our names as an honorably discharged
Send us far and wide, we are not on any nation’s side
Say goodbye
Everything will come and go
From the strength that’s in my bones
To the song that’s in my heart
Leaving nothing

I will go on
Take me beyond
Track Name: Dear Heaven
Made it to the other side
It sure was not an easy ride
All the earth had held in store
Doesn’t matter anymore

Unless Heaven helps me
Heaven help me
Heaven help me

Planned the day I’d be a wife
Planned the things I’d own in life
But bringing everything in tow
Is quite impossible you know

Heaven help me
Lost in my dreams
Heaven help me
Lost in my dreams

I see you next to me
Sitting on dock that overlooks the sea
I guess God is here too so that kinda makes us three
My darling you and me on the edge of the sea.

Heaven help me
Track Name: I Was Like You
Love and move along
Write it in song, never tell a lie
Try be never wrong, life is long
Know when to say goodbye
I was like you but then I grew old
It’s hard to keep what you cannot hold

You’re my brother and you are my son and I want to know
Why does meaningless frivolous hate still consume your souls?
I was like you till I saw the day
And turned my back on my former ways.

Lalalala when I’m on my own
Lalalala this is not my home
I was like you before I died
It’s hard to live the same way twice

Know a day is coming soon when we’ll never war again
Know a day is dawning soon when we’ll never war again