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released September 4, 2009



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Track Name: For Those Unseen
Open up your ears and hear the cries
of children whose only affection
Comes from soft embraces of the wind

Gaze upon those dark fields, feel the sorrow
Hearts once filled but now are hollow
Gouged out by the fear suppressed within

But now they all are known
The children who
Are changed into
A killer with no home

And can we say
We who are here
We say we care
But leave them all alone?

Open up your eyes and feel the darkness
All your senses you must harness
Death or paranoia, which will win?

Mass conscription fills the ranks with infants
Former friend? It makes no difference
War machines belong to no such kin
Track Name: Aeronaut
Champion of the Sky
Will I make it home
Winds that blind my eyes
This is all I know

Fly through the clouds and troubled seas
Fly through the ice and air
My God will watch and cover me
Death me you do not scare

Storms obscure my sight
Land of friend or foe
Flying through the night
The frontlines I must go
Track Name: Where Did Grandpa Go?
Where did Grandpa Go?

I was told my grandfather went gone to a place unknown
But he left just to leave me here all alone
To the sky I asked where he'd gone there was no reply
Maybe I had done something that caused him to die

Where ever we'd be you said we'd always have family
Well why don't you look and see?
He is my blood yet he ahd become one with the dust
Now look here and answer me
Where do they all go lowered in that same blackened hole
What becomes of their soul?
Where do they all go lowered in that same blackened hole
What becomes of their soul?

My last line, the end of me or the end of time?
Maybe death is only a transition of mine
Other side, is it better than and just who decides
Where we go, or is this only hope of the mind?

When day goes to night
We all are born and then we close our eyes
Where did Grandpa go?
Whenever I join him that's when I'll know.